Cortex Agent, The Edge-Computing Middleware

Cortex Agent, The Edge-Computing Middleware
Cortex Agent, The Edge-Computing Middleware

MachinePulse introduces a powerful real time IoT middleware software for Industrial Internet Edge computing

MachinePulseTM has announced their recent launch of Cortex Agent, an Internet of Things (IoT) middleware that seamlessly integrates devices on Industrial Internet offering a complete suite of features for end-to-end management of various types of devices and applications for any Cloud Platform or centralised infrastructure.

Cortex Agent is designed to aggregate the data silos which otherwise remain isolated because of incompatibility, legacy protocols and different sub networks. This multi featured middleware addresses this complexity. In addition to its edge computing capabilities, its features makes it infinitely scalable (through tree topology) and can connect to thousands of data source endpoints in real-time. It supports multiple databases and messaging platforms.

“From implementing multithreaded, high performance industrial grade integration of multiple different devices and applications with queuing to performing critical functions like aggregating, filtering, standardisation, scaling, enumeration of complex expressions, historization, computing the information, performance benchmarking, granting access control to the devices and streaming the data to cloud platforms, Cortex Agent is the outcome of 50,000 man-hours devoted by our commendable team “, said Basant Jain, CEO of MachinePulseTM.

Furthermore, Cortex Agent addresses the security and privacy concerns plaguing the industry due to the exponential growth of the amount of data generated by the Internet of Things. It provides secure peer-to-peer communication and secure authentication of new peers, permissions to access the network and protection of information exchanged in the network. Cortex Agent also  offers an Application Program Interface (APIs) that allows users to build custom application without going through complicated device protocol implementations and integrations.

A powerful middleware on its own, Cortex Agent with its robustness, reasonable cost and standard based approach to solve modern industrial internet problems, assists impeccably in the integration of Cyber Physical Systems. Cortex Agent is now available for enterprise and OEMs for integration and  usage.

About MachinePulse

MachinePulseTM is an Internet of Things platform provider based in Mumbai. The big data platform, erixisTM, has in-built machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities. MachinePulseTM has branch offices in Chennai and Bangalore. To learn more, email or follow them on

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