How many big data solutions does it take to provide actionable insights?

In the fast paced age of big data, companies are constantly striving to analyse enormous amounts of data to achieve deep insights to improve their product offering and formulate strategies. However, there is a growing shift from analysing sheer volumes of data to analysing different types of data all at …

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Machine Pulse at GreenCo Summit, Chennai June 26-27

Machine Pulse will be at the Greenco Summit 2014 hosted by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) on June 26 and June 27 at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. The conference will cover areas like approach towards carbon neutrality, water positive status, zero waste company, green supply chain, green procurement, green …

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Coming Soon: Tracking energy. Every moment.

Coming Soon:  Tracking energy. Every moment.

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About MachinePulse
MachinePulse™ is an Internet of Things platform provider based in Mumbai. The big data platform, erixis™, has in-built machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities. MachinePulse is based in Mumbai, India with branch offices in Chennai and Bangalore. Contact us to learn more.